The Smart Power Cell offers Lifeline of Connectivity During Emergencies

Jesse Falk

With the approach of the 2023 summer and the potential for bushfires, Australia's need for reliable connectivity during emergencies has never been greater and the Hybrid Power Cube (our Smart power Cell) is a critical solution, guaranteeing uninterrupted communication and power supply when it matters most.

While nbn® Australia offers essential preparedness tips such as keeping mobile phones charged, having battery-powered radios, and backing up data, our Smart Power Cells take emergency preparedness to the next level. Integrating renewable technologies and boasting a robust design, these innovative devices can be rapidly deployed in regional and remote areas.

Read the nbn® Australia press release here

When natural disasters strike and damage infrastructure, our Smart Power Cells provide a lifeline. These advanced units are designed to withstand challenging conditions, ensuring that communication remains constant and power is available, even in the toughest of circumstances. Deployed as a proactive disaster resilience measure, they eliminate the need for emergency services personnel to venture into disaster-stricken areas to otherwise install temporary generators.

As nbn® Australia continues to invest in disaster-resilient infrastructure, our Smart Power Cells complement these efforts by offering a sustainable, reliable and proactive power solution.

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