Engineered to Your Needs

Switchboards & Enclosures Manufacturing

RG Ladd, a cornerstone of Decon Corporation, is Australia's premier manufacturer of custom switchboards and enclosures. With a legacy spanning over 50 years, RG Ladd has been at the forefront of electrical infrastructure solutions, powering major projects across industries.

Our Expertise

Custom Switchboard Design

We offer comprehensive electrical solutions, including customised switchboard design, manufacturing and assembly of Smart Power Cell (SPC) solutions, medium voltage distribution, motor control centers (MCC), and general power distribution systems.

Enclosures & Shelters

We design, manufacture, and assemble enclosures and shelters from stainless steel and aluminum to meet your exact specifications and technology requirements.

Comprehensive Technical Services

We offer comprehensive technical services, encompassing refrigeration, mechanical systems, instrumentation & process control, label making, drafting services, and switchboard maintenance.


Why Choose RG Ladd for Switchboards & Enclosures?

RG Ladd is certified to comply with AS/NZS 61439.1:2016 standards, ensuring the highest quality and safety of our products.

With decades of experience, RG Ladd's team of experts has a proven track record in delivering fit-for-purpose electrical solutions.

RG Ladd's switchboards and enclosures power projects across industries, from airports to commercial complexes, showcasing their versatility.