A Big Year 2023 for Decon Corporation

Jesse Falk

As we approach the year's end, it's time to celebrate the outstanding achievements that have defined 2023 for Decon Corporation.  

  • Connectivity Across Australia: Secured major contracts with nbn® Australia, including the Fixed Wireless and Full Fibre Strata Upgrade programs, showcasing our commitment to providing high-speed internet services across regional and remote areas.
  • Adelaide's Enhanced Wi-Fi: The completion of "ADL Free powered by TPG Telecom" not only showcases our technical prowess but also contributes to an enhanced user experience throughout the city.
  • Australia's Resilience with Smart Power Cells: The deployment of SPCs across 5 LGAs in QLD, acknowledged by Federal Minister Michelle Rowland, reinforces our dedication to disaster resilience and uninterrupted communication during critical events.
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure: Our involvement in the Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project and the design, construction, and maintenance of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) ground satellite stations positions us at the forefront of the ever-evolving telecommunications industry.
  • Battery Handling Solutions: The launch of our Battery Lifter showcases our commitment to providing innovative solutions for efficient, portable, and safe battery handling.
  • Switchboard Manufacturing: RG Ladd continues to stand as Australia's largest switchboard manufacturer, with this year’s design of high-performance switchboards, including the GSB switchboard, adhering to the highest industry standards.
  • Events Showcase: Our presence at industry events and collaborations with Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer underscore our commitment to global disaster-preparedness initiatives.
  • Gold Coast Light Rail and Brisbane Casino: Our role in the Gold Coast Light Rail project and ongoing work at Brisbane Casino exemplify our impact on transformative city projects, contributing to cultural and economic development.
  • Decon Shop and Manufacturing Growth: Celebrating Decon Shop's remarkable success and its coming integration into our website in 2024, opening our manufacturing capabilities to the public. Additionally, our Enclosures division has secured contracts with major clients to deliver top-quality shelters and enclosures.
  • Projects Showcase: Our Decon Industries SA team have actively contributed to significant projects including Flinders Health and Medical Research Institute (FHMRI) and Adelaide Botanic High School.
  • Mobile Construction Success: Kudos to our SA Mobiles Construction for the work they have done across SA/WA/NT for Air Services in radar and communications maintenance reinforcing our diverse expertise.
Stay safe and we will catch you in the New Year 2024!
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