A Bumper FY24 for Decon Corporation

Jesse Falk

FY24 has been a bumper year of achievements for Decon Corporation. We solidified our position as a leader in disaster resilience, telecommunication infrastructure, and sustainable energy solutions. Through continuous innovation, exceptional service, and a commitment to community, we empowered Australians with reliable power, connectivity, and a brighter future.

Disaster Resilience and Telecommunication Infrastructure

  • Expanded Smart Power Cell (SPC) Deployment: Over 100 SPC units deployed across Australia for various telco carriers, ensuring critical communication channels remain open during disasters.
  • Cell on Wheels (COW) Development: Designed and delivered COW units for TPG, providing temporary network coverage in emergencies.
  • Facilities Asset Management Excellence: Proactive maintenance and swift emergency response ensured uninterrupted service for critical infrastructure during extreme weather events across Victoria (storms) and Queensland (cyclones).
Decon's Facilities Asset Management division restoring power during extreme weather events in Victoria in February 2024.

Commitment to Service Excellence

  • Proactive Asset Monitoring: Continued our proactive monitoring of client assets to identify and address potential issues before they escalate.
  • Rapid Emergency Response: Established efficient emergency response protocols to restore power and connectivity swiftly in critical situations.
  • Preventative Measures: Prioritised preventative measures to safeguard telecommunication infrastructure and minimise disruptions.

Large-Scale Infrastructure Development

  •  Queens Wharf Tower 4 Project: Designed, manufactured, and installed custom mechanical electrical switchboards for the HVAC system within this iconic Brisbane development.
  • nbn™ Fixed Wireless Network Deployments: Partnered with nbn™ to deliver fixed wireless network upgrades across Australia, bridging the digital divide in regional communities.
  • VIC Manufacturing Showcase Participation: Highlighted Decon's commitment to Australian manufacturing of electrical solutions.
One of Decon's experienced Telecommunications Riggers takes a moment to enjoy the surrounds atop an infrastructure tower.
Our Decon team upgrading critical mobiles telecommunication infrastructure.

Community Initiatives

  • Adelaide Free Wi-Fi Network Upgrade: Played a critical role in upgrading Adelaide's free Wi-Fi network, improving access and connectivity for residents.
  • Big Group Hug Donation: Supported Big Group Hug, a Victorian children's charity dedicated to assisting families in need.

Sustainable Energy Solutions

  • H2PowerBox Collaboration: Partnered in the development of the H2PowerBox, a revolutionary trailer-mounted power system utilising solar and renewable hydrogen for clean, off-grid energy.
  • Award-Winning Smart Power Cell (SPC): Advanced the SPC technology, minimising reliance on diesel fuel through its solar, wind, battery, and diesel charger integration.

Enhanced Online Presence

  • Redesigned Website Launch: Launched a user-friendly website with improved navigation for a better customer experience.
  • Decon Shop Established: Integrated an online store offering a wide range of electrical and industrial products for convenient customer access.

Company Infrastructure

  • New Headquarters in Scoresby: Relocated to a state-of-the-art headquarters, fostering collaboration, innovation, and efficiency.
  • Optimised Manufacturing Facility: Upgraded the manufacturing facility to streamline workflows, boost production capacity, and ensure quality control.

Australian Manufacturing

  • Prioritised Australian Manufacturing: Continued commitment to Australian manufacturing, exemplified by the H2PowerBox project and overall manufacturing capabilities.

Looking Ahead

FY24 has been a remarkable year for Decon. We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation as we strive to build stronger, more resilient communities. We look forward to FY25 with new projects, advancements in technology, and a continued dedication to serving our clients and communities.

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