Decon's Role in nbn® Australia's Fibre Upgrade Initiatives

Jesse Falk

We recently announced our role in nbn’s initiative to upgrade customers to full fibre (FTTP) connections. As one nbn’s selected Delivery Partners, we are excited to be pushing the boundaries of connectivity infrastructure and contributing to the advancement of communication technologies across Australia.  

nbn’s Fibre Upgrade Initiative is a significant nationwide effort with a focus on upgrading customers to high-speed fibre connections. This initiative presents a substantial opportunity for Retail Service Providers (RSPs) to attract new customers and retain existing ones. nbn has more than 2 million premises ready for fibre upgrades nationwide, with an additional 700,000 apartments in 50,000 strata buildings becoming ready to connect to FTTP within the next six months.  

Our involvement centres around the Full Fibre Upgrade Strata program, introduced in August 2023. This program addresses the enhanced cabling requirements of Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs), fostering collaboration with Body Corporates and MDU residents.   

We understand that the growing demand for data and emerging technologies, such as 8K and 4K+ spatial video, requires high-speed broadband and we’re proud to be part of the solution, ensuring that households and businesses have the connectivity they need for the best broadband experience today and in the future.

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