From Storms to Solutions: Decon's Facilities Asset Management Division on a Mission

Jesse Falk

Recent unpredictable weather events have called for a robust response from #TeamDecon in upholding uninterrupted connectivity. Celebrated for our prompt and efficient deployment of critical power assets to telecommunications sites, our Facilities Asset Management division has been on the frontlines, rising to the occasion to address the challenges posed by extreme weather conditions.  

Over the December/January period, Decon's Facilities Asset Management division, operating nationwide, responded to a series of emergency callouts, deploying generator solutions swiftly and effectively to sites that had been rendered inaccessible due to storms or flooding. Our team's rapid response played a pivotal role in restoring power to critical telecommunication infrastructure, ensuring that communities stayed connected when they needed it the most.  

The wild weather events presented unique challenges, testing the resilience of both our team and our power generation assets. The ability to navigate through disrupted access points, work under extreme conditions, and strategically deploy generator solutions showcased the strength of Decon's commitment to service excellence.  

Beyond merely addressing emergency situations, our Facilities Asset Management division has been consistently proactive in implementing preventative measures to safeguard telecommunication sites against potential disruptions. Our pre-emptive strategies and meticulous planning have positioned us as industry leaders, ready to tackle the unexpected with precision and agility.

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