High Stakes Project Augmentation Project

Jesse Falk

Let's talk tricky projects and why this challenge perfectly embodies our spirit of tackling the toughest projects head-on.

Our team has been awarded a high-stakes project involving augmentation works on a beam-style concrete bridge, a vital conduit for delivering crucial communications infrastructure to water-facing properties.

The project involves replacing corroded and weakened hangers and brackets that support a network of four-way conduits beneath the bridge. The old components will make way for new 316 stainless steel hangers and brackets, ensuring longevity and reliability for years to come.

With meticulous planning and engineering expertise, we've devised a comprehensive strategy tailored to the unique challenges of this location. With build and augmentation works demanding stringent traffic control management for both road and marine routes, specialised cutting-edge machinery and equipment, our adept crew of riggers expertly navigate the under-bridge works.

Where others couldn’t - we're incredibly proud to be part of a project that showcases our commitment to innovation, expertise, and problem-solving. 

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