Navigating Planning for Faster Builds

Jesse Falk

Decon Corporation offers comprehensive town planning services, a critical aspect of deploying telecommunication networks. We understand the industry's specific needs and can help you navigate the SAED process (Site Acquisition, Environment, Design) efficiently.

Our town planning expertise covers:

  • Development Applications: We guide you through the local government permit process for efficient project approvals.
  • Complying Developments: We identify low-impact developments that may be exempt from formal applications.
  • Strategic Site Selection: Our experts conduct site scoping visits to identify optimal locations for your network infrastructure.
  • Community Engagement: We facilitate communication with local residents and stakeholders throughout the process.
  • Environmental and Heritage Considerations: We ensure your project adheres to all environmental and cultural heritage regulations.
  • Tribunal Representation: We offer experienced representation at tribunals like VCAT and NCAT.

By partnering with Decon's town planning team, you can:

  • Secure regulatory approvals faster.
  • Minimise project delays and costs.
  • Ensure compliance with all environmental and cultural heritage regulations.
  • Foster positive relationships with local communities.
Decon Corporation's town planning team offers a comprehensive suite of services to empower your telecommunications deployment. We'll help you navigate every step, from strategic site selection to securing regulatory approvals, ensuring your project progresses smoothly and efficiently.
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