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Post Rack 45RU with RRU Bracket & 3 x DBC0086 (RGL-152)

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Streamline your network deployment with this specialised mounting rack designed to accommodate your telecommunication equipment. This heavy-duty 45 RU rack features a black ripple finish for a professional look and adjustable wall fixing brackets for easy installation.


  • Fits standard 19-inch equipment
  • 45 RU height for accommodating various equipment configurations
  • Adjustable wall fixing brackets for easy installation
  • Laser-etched RU numbering system for clear organisation
  • Includes 2x RGL-069 RRU mount support brackets for Remote Radio Units
  • 1x RGL-153 3-way bracket for DBC0086 Combiners
  • 12-hole earth bar with isolators and hardware for grounding
  • 4x cable support brackets for organized cable management
  • 35mm2 earth cable for electrical safety
  • Includes a comprehensive installation kit with all the necessary hardware


  • Streamlined organisation and deployment of telecommunication equipment
  • Secure mounting for your valuable equipment
  • Promotes proper grounding for safety
  • Easy to install and maintain

The rack is ideal for telecommunication applications such as cellular network base stations, data centers, and other communication facilities.

Please note: This is a specialised rack designed for telecommunication equipment.

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