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Post Rack Combiner Bracket Suit 3 x DBC0086 (RGL-153)

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Secure Mounting for Your DBC0086 Combiners (Black Ripple)

The Decon RGL-153 provides a reliable and organised way to mount your DBC0086 combiners within your existing rack system. This 3-way bracket, finished in a sleek black ripple, ensures your combiners are securely positioned and easily accessible for maintenance.

Streamlined Integration:

  • Horizontal rack mount shelf: Integrates seamlessly with your standard rack for efficient use of space.
  • 2 x offset brace mounts: Designed specifically to accommodate DBC0086 combiners (exact compatibility may vary).

Hassle-Free Installation:

  • Includes a comprehensive installation kit: Featuring 16 M6 cage nuts, 16 M6 x 16mm cage bolts with washers, all conveniently packaged and boxed for a quick and easy setup.

The Decon RGL-153 is the perfect solution for data centers, telecommunication facilities, and any application requiring secure and organised mounting of DBC0086 combiners within a rack environment.

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