Vendor: Decon Corporation

1RU Fibre Cable Support Bracket (RAFSB119BR)

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Reliable Support for Your 1RU Fibre Cables (Black Ripple)

The Decon RAFSB119BR is a single-RU fibre cable support bracket, finished in a sleek black ripple. This bracket provides a practical solution for managing and organising your fibre optic cables within your existing rack system.

Enhanced Cable Management:

  • Dedicated 1RU design: Fits perfectly within a single rack unit, maximising space utilisation in your rack environment.
  • Supports fibre optic cables: Specifically designed to securely hold and organise fibre optic cables, preventing damage and maintaining proper bend radius.

Improved Organisation and Airflow:

  • Promotes organised cabling: Helps prevent cable clutter and tangled wires, improving overall airflow within your rack.
  • Enhanced airflow: By keeping cables organised and off the rack floor, the bracket can potentially contribute to better airflow around equipment.

Streamlined Installation:

  • Easy to install: Designed for straightforward integration into your existing rack system.

The Decon RAFSB119BR is ideal for data centers, server rooms, and any application requiring efficient and organised management of 1RU fibre optic cables within a rack environment.