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DC Distribution Panel 19" 15 x 20A & 3 x 40A MCB (RGL-100)

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Reliable DC Power Distribution for Your 19-Inch Rack

Decon’s DC Distribution Panel provides a reliable and efficient way to distribute power to your telecommunication equipment within a 19-inch rack. This panel is built to last and offers several key features to simplify your installations.


  • Pre-installed Circuit Breakers: Includes 15 x 20A and 3 x 40A Siemens MCB circuit breakers for individual circuit protection.
  • Standard 19-Inch Rackmount Design: Seamlessly integrates into your existing rack environment for space-saving organisation.
  • Rugged Steel Construction: Built from 1.6mm galvanised and 1.2mm powder-coated steel for superior durability.
  • Sliding Design for Easy Access: Simplifies maintenance and inspection of the panel's components.
  • Versatile Power Distribution: Supports 6 DC supply inputs, each feeding 3 outputs, with a maximum rating of 125A.
  • Enhanced Safety: Features a protective hinged transparent MCB cover and MCB status indicators for clear visibility of circuit health.
  • Integrated Cable Management Bracket: Aids in organising and securing cables within the panel, promoting a clean and professional look.


  • Ideal for data centers, telecommunication rooms, and other commercial applications requiring organised DC power distribution within a rack.

Technical Specifications:

  • Circuit Breakers: 15 x 20A Siemens MCB-6kA, 1P, C-Curve; 3 x 40A Siemens MCB-6kA, 1P, C-Curve
  • Material: 1.6mm Galvanised Steel, 1.2mm Powder Coated Steel
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 420mm x 280mm x 130mm
  • Weight: 10kg

For professional installation and configuration of your DC power distribution system, consult with a qualified electrician.


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