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Dual DC Jumper Kit (RGL-080)

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Telstra PSA 40012258 Dual DC Jumper Kit

The Decon RGL-080 provides a convenient solution for upgrading or expanding existing Telstra PSA 40012258 DC power systems. This kit includes all the necessary cables and hardware for a quick and efficient installation.


  • Designed specifically for Telstra PSA 40012258 applications.

Essential Components:

  • 3 x Eaton PLS6 40A Circuit Breakers: These circuit breakers safeguard individual circuits within your system from overload and short-circuit faults.
  • 3 x Circuit Breaker Incomer Tags: These tags help identify and organise the circuit breakers within the system.
  • 2.0m x 10mm2 Blue Power Cable: This cable provides the primary power connection for your DC system.
  • 6 x 10mm Bootlace Crimps: These crimps ensure secure and reliable connections between the cables and other components.


  • Convenience: Includes all the necessary parts in a single kit for a hassle-free upgrade or expansion.
  • Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with Telstra PSA 40012258 systems.
  • Safety: Integrated circuit breakers offer vital protection for your equipment.


  • Upgrading or expanding existing Telstra PSA 40012258 DC power systems.


  • Ensure compatibility with your specific Telstra PSA 40012258 system before purchase.
  • Consulting a qualified electrician for installation is recommended.

Order your Decon RGL-080 Telstra PSA 40012258 Dual DC Jumper Kit today and experience a streamlined upgrade process!

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