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Post Rack 45 RU 3 x 4480 & Cable Kit (RGL-091)

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Heavy-Duty Telecommunication Equipment Rack - 45 RU

Organise and secure your critical telecom equipment with this premium 45 RU wall-mount rack.

This robust steel rack features a black ripple finish for durability and aesthetics. The adjustable wall fixing bracket allows for easy mounting and flexible positioning.

Key Features:

  • Spacious 45 RU design accommodates a significant amount of equipment.
  • Durable steel construction with black ripple finish ensures longevity.
  • Adjustable wall fixing bracket for versatile mounting options.
  • Etched/laser RU numbering system for clear equipment placement identification.
  • 4x cable support brackets and 12-hole earth bar with isolators for efficient cable management and grounding.
  • 35mm² earthing cable pre-installed for secure grounding.
  • Scalloped base plate allows for additional earthing cable connections.
  • Dedicated shelf designed to hold 6x CommScope RGL-093 filters (sold separately).

Built-in Safety and Organisation:

  • Includes a complete installation kit with all necessary hardware, earthing cable, and heat shrink for secure and proper grounding.
  • M8 and M6 stainless steel hex head bolts and washers ensure a strong and corrosion-resistant assembly.
  • M6 cable lugs and bootlace pins facilitate secure cable connections.
  • Nylon isolating washers for additional grounding protection.

Ideal for:

  • Cellular base stations
  • Data centers
  • Telecommunication facilities
  • Server rooms
  • And any application requiring secure and organised mounting of telecom equipment.

Please note: CommScope filters are not included.

Order your Heavy-Duty Telecommunication Equipment Rack today and experience the benefits of superior organisation and protection for your critical equipment!

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