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Post Rack 45 RU 3 x 4480 Radio Unit Shelf & 3 x Quad Filter (RAPR0001BR)

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RAPR0001BR Post Rack System - Heavy Duty Telecommunication Equipment Mount

Organise and protect your telecommunication equipment with the Decon RAPR0001BR post rack system. This heavy-duty rack is perfect for mounting a variety of equipment, including servers, routers, and radios.


  • Post Rack: 45 RU (3mm) black ripple finish
  • Adjustable wall fixing brackets for easy installation
  • Etched/laser RU numbering system for clear identification of equipment placement
  • 4x cable support brackets and 3x RGL-092 RRU 4480 mount support brackets for secure equipment mounting
  • 12-hole earth bar with isolators and hardware for proper grounding
  • 35mm² earth cable pre-installed for earthing the rack frame
  • Scalloped base plate for additional earthing cable options
  • Includes RAPR0001SKBR Post Rack Shelf Kit suitable for mounting 3x Quad Filters

Kit Supply Details:

  • Cable and hardware for easy assembly
  • Various heat shrink tubing for cable protection
  • M8 and M6 stainless steel bolts, nuts, washers, and lugs for equipment mounting
  • 6.5m of 6mm2 power cable


  • Durable construction ensures your equipment is protected
  • Adjustable mounting options for flexibility
  • Clear numbering system for easy organisation
  • Pre-installed grounding components for safety
  • Includes shelf kit for additional storage space

This post rack system is ideal for data centers, telecommunication rooms, and other commercial applications.

Order your RAPR0001BR post rack system today and get your telecommunication equipment organised and protected!

Please note: This product is designed for professional installation.

Additional Information:

  • Decon Part No.: PSA Number RAPR0001BR 40013560
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Black Ripple

We recommend consulting with a qualified electrician for proper earthing and power installation.

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