Celebrating the Festive Spirit in NSW!

Jesse Falk

Last week, our talented NSW/ACT team came together for a memorable Christmas party at Bungalow 8, in Sydney, uniting both office and field staff over delicious food and drinks. It provided a wonderful opportunity for merry-making and reflection on the achievements of the past year, highlighting the incredible accomplishments shared by our people.  

In the spirit of recognising outstanding contributions, we proudly presented awards to five individuals for their exemplary performance throughout the year:  

  • 🏆 Michael Tram - Leadership
  • 🏆 Olaoluwa Kotila - Recognition
  • 🏆 Brent Curtis - Teamwork
  • 🏆 Purnendujyoti Pal - Leadership
  • 🌟 Navneet Nand - Rising Star  

As we eagerly await photos from Christmas parties across other states happening next Friday, we extend our warmest congratulations to all our awardees and express gratitude for the collective success that defines our team. Here's to a festive season filled with joy and camaraderie!

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