Decon's Smart power Cell presented to World Industry Leaders at Bushfire Management Conference

Jesse Falk

We are thrilled to announce that Decon had the privilege of presenting our cutting-edge Smart Power Cell at The Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer's Bushfire Management Conference. This event brought together industry leaders, research organisations, government delegates, and French companies interested in bushfire management.

During our presentation, we highlighted how the Smart Power Cell can significantly contribute to bushfire preparedness and response efforts. This rugged, heat-resistant hybrid power solution offers a reliable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional diesel generators, ensuring continuous power supply in remote and disaster-affected areas. Its live monitoring features, performance diagnostics, and green energy consumption make it a financially viable and sustainable choice for emergency situations.

We are proud to offer a solution that goes beyond powering critical communication systems during natural disasters and power outages.  The Smart Power Cell plays a crucial role in keeping emergency services personnel and local communities connected, facilitating coordinated relief efforts and enhancing overall safety.

This conference provided an excellent platform for us to share our expertise and establish valuable connections with like-minded professionals and organisations. We are excited about the potential collaborations and partnerships that may arise from this event, further driving innovation and advancements in bushfire management.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer for hosting this insightful conference and recognising the importance of technological advancements in addressing bushfire challenges. We also extend our thanks to all the attendees and participants who engaged in thought-provoking discussions and demonstrated a shared commitment to creating a safer and more resilient future.

Stay tuned for more updates on Decon's Smart Power Cell as we continue to work towards building a more sustainable and prepared world.

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