Free Wi-Fi for Adelaide residents

Jesse Falk

Adelaide residents can now enjoy the city's revamped free Wi-Fi network "ADL Free Powered by TPG Telecom" thanks to the collaborative efforts of stakeholders, including the invaluable contribution from #TeamDecon.

Completed over a 10-month period, Decon Corporation worked closely with stakeholders to scope locations and complete the physical install of each Wi-Fi transmitters including all electrical and power components. Special well known sites included – Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide Oval, Adelaide Aquatic Centre, Rundle Place Library, Adelaide Box Factory and North Adelaide Golf Club.  

With a $4.8 million investment, this significant transformation aims to elevate the user experience by providing improved speed, coverage, and reliability across the city.   Federal Minister for Communications Michelle Rowland praises the joint partnership between the Australian Government, the City of Adelaide, TPG Telecom, and the instrumental role of #TeamDecon in upgrading existing infrastructure with new technology.  

Our team played a crucial role in ensuring the success of the project. From meticulous scoping of poles to the physical installation of Wi-Fi devices, our experts worked seamlessly to enhance connectivity in Adelaide.   Lord Mayor of Adelaide Jane Lomax-Smith highlights the technological overhaul involving the replacement of existing infrastructure with high-speed fibre optics. A 25% increase in access points throughout the city, North Adelaide, and Park Lands significantly enhances connectivity and overall network dependability.  

We were thrilled to be part of this transformative project, reinforcing Adelaide’s commitment to connectivity and innovation.

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