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GPS Mounting Bracket 1RU (RGL-133-A)

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Streamlined Mounting for GPS Receivers and Splitters (Black Ripple)

Simplify your rack setup with the Decon RGL-133-A Bracket Kit! This all-in-one solution provides dedicated mounting plates for both your GPS receiver and splitter, keeping your equipment organised and readily accessible.

Designed for Efficiency:

  • Two dedicated mounting plates:
    • One plate with captive nuts: Securely holds your GPS splitter.
    • One plate with DIN rail: Perfect for mounting your Ericsson GPS receiver, including an earth point for proper grounding.

Hassle-Free Installation:

  • Everything you need: Includes a comprehensive installation kit featuring 4 rack mount nuts, 4 bolts, and 4 washers, all conveniently packaged and labeled for a quick and easy setup.

The Decon RGL-133-A is ideal for data centers, telecommunication facilities, and any application requiring organised and space-saving mounting of GPS receivers and splitters within a rack environment.

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