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GPS Splitter & Reciever Kit (RGL-133)

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All-in-One Mounting Kit for Receivers and GPS Splitters (Black Ripple)

The Decon RGL-133 provides a convenient and secure solution for mounting both your GPS receiver and splitter within your existing rack system. This black ripple finished kit streamlines your setup and ensures optimal equipment placement.

Organised and Efficient:

  • Includes two dedicated mounting plates:
    • One plate with captive nuts: Designed to securely hold your GPS splitter.
    • One plate with DIN rail: Perfect for mounting your Ericsson GPS receiver, complete with an earth point for proper grounding.

Simplified Installation:

  • All the hardware you need: Comes with a comprehensive installation kit featuring 4 rack mount nuts, 4 bolts, and 4 washers, all conveniently packaged and labeled for a hassle-free setup.

The Decon RGL-133 is ideal for data centers, telecommunication facilities, and any application requiring organised and space-saving mounting of GPS receivers and splitters within a rack environment.

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