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Post Rack Shelf Kit Suit 3 x Quad Filters (RAPR0001SKBR)

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Organise Your Quad Filters with This Post Rack Shelf Kit (Black Ripple)

Conserve valuable rack space and streamline filter management with the Decon RAPR0001SKBR Post Rack Shelf Kit! This black ripple finished kit provides a dedicated shelf for mounting up to three quad filters within your existing rack system.

Enhanced Organisation:

  • Dedicated shelf space: Efficiently houses up to three quad filters, maximising your rack space utilisation.
  • Improved accessibility: Keeps your filters organised and readily accessible for maintenance or replacement.

Compatible Design:

  • Post rack shelf kit: Designed for easy integration with standard post rack systems. 

Durable Construction:

  • Black ripple finish: Offers a professional aesthetic that complements various rack environments.
  • Sturdy construction: Ensures reliable support for your quad filters.

The Decon RAPR0001SKBR Post Rack Shelf Kit is ideal for data centers, telecommunication facilities, and any application requiring organised and space-saving storage of quad filters within a rack environment.

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