Decon Corporation's Smart Power Cell: Transforming Disaster Response and Recovery

Jesse Falk
We're thrilled to see the Smart Power Cell (SPC) in action, as shared by Kristy McBain MP. The SPC is a game-changer in disaster resilience, providing power and internet connectivity during emergencies.
The SPC is a portable off-grid power solution, combining renewable technologies like solar power and the innovative sodium metal chloride battery (the salt battery). It's built for extreme conditions, making it perfect for Australian landscapes.
We're proud to have developed this transformative solution for nbn Australia and to see it making a difference in communities like Bermagui, Akolele, Wallaga Lake, Coolagolite, and Cobargo. Our commitment to renewable energy initiatives, like the SPC, aligns perfectly with our mission to enhance energy access, telecommunications capabilities, and overall resilience in remote communities.
Thank you to Kristy McBain for your advocacy and support in ensuring that communities have access to reliable power and internet connectivity during disasters. We're excited to see the SPC continue to make a difference across Australia!
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