Decon Powers Up New Icon: Switchboards Installed in Queens Wharf Tower 4

Jesse Falk
Decon Corporation is proud to announce the successful milestone completion for the iconic Queens Wharf Tower 4 in Brisbane. This landmark development, set to be the tallest tower in the project upon completion, will soon be powered up with mechanical electrical switchboards designed and manufactured by our team as part of the HVAC system within the building.
This week, our team meticulously installed the switchboards at level 64, showcasing the precision and engineering expertise that Decon delivers on every project. Lifting these custom-built units by crane required extensive planning and collaboration, highlighting our commitment to safety and efficiency.
Each switchboard was meticulously designed to meet the specific demands of Queens Wharf Tower 4. Our engineers optimised performance, ensured future scalability, and prioritised reliability. 
The Queens Wharf precinct represents a transformative development for Brisbane, and Decon is thrilled to be part of this incredible journey. As this architectural marvel takes shape, our mechanical services switchboards will play a vital role in the operation of the HVAC system for residents, businesses, and visitors seamlessly.
This project highlights Decon's continued commitment to providing innovative and customised electrical solutions for landmark projects. We are proud to partner with leading contractors and construction companies to deliver reliable, efficient, and sustainable power solutions that contribute to the advancement of our cities and communities.
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