#TeamDecon in Action: Restoring Power During Wild Weather

Jesse Falk

Decon Corporation’s Facilities Asset Management (FAM) division faced challenging conditions this week as wild weather swept through Victoria, causing widespread power outages and impacting numerous customer sites – and with thanks to our proactive approach and focus on disaster response, we were prepared to react swiftly.

Even before the storm hit, our in-house monitoring systems diligently tracked potential risks across our clients' assets. When the weather turned severe, our dedicated team sprang into action, responding to emergency callouts from various key clients. They worked tirelessly throughout the night, attending to multiple sites across the region and ensuring critical infrastructure remained operational.

Despite their incredible efforts, some client sites remain affected, and FAM continues to receive requests for emergency support. We're committed to working diligently to restore power and connectivity and minimise disruption for all our clients. This commitment extends far beyond reactive measures. We take immense pride in proactively monitoring our clients' assets, allowing us to anticipate potential issues and mitigate risks before they escalate. This, combined with our focus on disaster response, ensures we're always prepared to face any challenge head-on.

Looking ahead, innovative solutions like our Smart Power Cell (SPC) offer exciting possibilities for enhancing disaster resilience. These self-contained units can significantly reduce reliance on external response teams by providing autonomous backup power. Imagine critical infrastructure staying operational even during widespread outages, thanks to renewable energy sources and advanced Sodium Metal Chloride battery technology seamlessly integrated within the system. The SPC minimises downtime and maximises resilience, making it a game-changer for our clients.

With the unpredictability of future weather events, having a proactive strategy and robust technology like the SPC can make all the difference.

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