Exceptional Support during Cyclone Kirrily: A Thank You from Sigma Healthcare

Jesse Falk

We are incredibly proud to share this heartfelt testimonial from our client, Sigma Healthcare. In times of crisis, such as Cyclone Kirrily, our team in Townsville stepped up to the plate to ensure Sigma's operations continued seamlessly.

"I just want to recognise and pass on my thanks for how well your team in Townsville supported our business through Cyclone Kirrily over the Australia Day weekend," says Aaron Ford, Chief Logistics Officer at Sigma Healthcare.  

During the cyclone, power outages posed a significant challenge for Sigma's critical operations. With generators being the lifeline for maintaining temperature control of essential medicines in Far North Queensland, our proactive monitoring and maintenance played a pivotal role. Despite the prolonged outage, Sigma could rely on their generators, thanks to our 24/7 monitoring and remote testing, ensuring optimal performance even under extreme conditions.

Sigma Healthcare is a leading Australian company focused on the pharmacy industry. They operate in multiple areas, including wholesale and distribution of medications, owning and operating retail pharmacy brands like Amcal and Guardian, and even providing third-party logistics services.  

Events like Cyclone Kirrily underscore the importance of reliable support, and we are honoured to be Sigma Healthcare's trusted partner, providing exceptional service when it's needed the most.  

Decon Corporation prioritise proactive solutions and round-the-clock support to safeguard our clients' assets and ensure uninterrupted operations nationwide.

Thank you, Sigma Healthcare, for your trust in us.

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